Falling Awake

"Singer/songwriter, Kirtana, sings about the journey she takes. With each successive album she has invited us, song by song, footstep by footstep, to come with her, deeper into this journey which is nothing less than the soul's journey into itself. Her latest CD Falling Awake is a shining jewel in the sequence of such invitations.

Sweet streams wash me down
Pour your grace over me
Lift me up to a higher ground
Where I can see

When you hear the exquisite poetry of each song, speaking in a language of the heart - but a heart that longs for true revelation, not a temporary, sentimental solution - you will see why Kirtana has been called "The Rumi of our time."

Her fresh, acoustic arrangements also serve to guide you gently into this mystery, as does the clarity of a voice washed with passion for the divine.

Why do you see the path that leads away -
deeper into the woods, when home is your aim?
Why do you pitch your tent on foreign land?
Turn toward the Self - go back the way you came.

A delight to both the heart and the mind..."

Amber Terrell
Nexus / Colorado's Holistic Journal
May/ June 2008

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