A Deeper Surrender

"Singer-songwriter Kirtana's A Deeper Surrender is an exquisite paean to the ineffable longing for the Beloved that stirs many a soul searching. Kirtana's songs are like glittering diamonds, offering a multitude of facets that reveal themselves more fully with each listening. Whether it's a taste of sampled pipe organ, as on 'Always Here', or mandolin, as on 'Open Secret', the album seems to offer something new to appreciate, even after many spins. Kirtana's dusky, delicate voice seems hard-wired to her heart. Expressing even the subtlest of emotions, her singing is at once sensuous and sublime, celebrating the inarticulate speech of the heart with passionate grace. Guest performers include David Darling on cello, Melissa Phillippe on harmany vocals, and Barry Phillips on piano, organ, and percussion. Other musicians add flute, bass, and guitar. For those customers searching for grace, beauty, and peace, A Deeper Surrender will become an essential companion, a true friend of the heart. With her articulate ache to unite with the divine, Kirtana offers beautiful lyrics that are poetry in song. She is a Rumi for our times."

**- Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer**

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