Songbook music and lyrics

Kirtana's songbook of music and lyrics for piano and guitar includes over 50 songs - all the songs from her cds: Falling Awake, This Embrace, A Deeper Surrender, and The Offering, as well as some from her earlier albums. Until recently it was available through Amazon, but they are currently requiring we create new ISBN labels to conform to their specs, so that option has been delayed.  Please check back soon

"A long-awaited offering by singer/songwriter Kirtana, this lovingly conceived and elegantly presented songbook contains everything you need to play and sing Kirtana’s songs of awakening to true unconditional love in your own living room. Complete with lyrics for vocals and sheet music for guitar and piano, the book is a user-friendly guide to every song on all four of Kirtana’s most recent albums – with a few favorites from her earlier albums included as a bonus." -- Amber Terrell from the Nov / Dec issue of Nexus

A brilliant poet, marvelous songwriter and lovely guitarist, Kirtana's albums have become more magical with each release. I've called her a Rumi of our time, and if you give yourself a chance to listen carefully... I'm confident you'll see why. --New Age Retailer

She asks the big questions, ponders the wonders and expresses her joy in the Divine. She conveys the love of an all-permeating, every-present energy that exists within and surrounds all. --New Renaissance Bookshop / Cori Wardle


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