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Review of UNSEEN GRACE by Amber Terrell:

If you are familiar with Kirtana’s music, don’t be surprised if you are surprised by this new album. It is deeper and wider and decidedly rawer than her previous offerings, and as always, she provides us with a window into her soul, accompanied by an invitation into a journey that few have the nerve to take, and even fewer have the creative skill to sing about with such clarity. A little bit singer-songwriter and a little bit Indian, and a whole lot distinctive Kirtana, you have to listen to these pieces several times before you get the full impact of the multidimensionality that is layered within each one. The depth of the lyrics in this offering suggests why Kirtana has been called “the Rumi of our time,” by many reviewers.

       I created time and space,
       to hold a mirror to my face…
       That’s how worlds are born,
       how from naught,
       a thought becomes a form.
       I had to pretend that Oneness could shatter      
       then down into matter I came.
       And ten thousand forms burst into being–      
       no two exactly the same…     
       But as far as I could see,
       nothing but images of me.

Lyrics from my favorite song, That’s My Story. I suggest reading them a few times and letting it sink in."

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