Healing Rain

Reviews of Healing Rain:

New Dimensions Radio:

"Songmaster Kirtana brings a poetic depth to all her compositions–songs of hope, “lives yet unknown,” “sweet streams” of grace pouring down. Kirtana’s deep and throaty voice offers gentle expressions of the heart in this will produced “metaphysical folk” album. She accompanies herself on classical guitar and is backed by cello, violin, acoustic guitar and keyboards."

Justine Toms & Lou Judson

Heartsong Review #12

"Her songs are sweetly, soothingly, sometimes stunningly lovely; inspiriting and true in that way a myth is true than truth. She captures in a simple, yet elusive way, the bittersweet victories and defeats we all share as spirit beings struggling in this earthy reality. She’s a poet with the talent to preform her spiritual visions, like such singing poets as Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen.”


Fast Folk Magazine:

"This eleven song CD… underscores (Kirtana’s) own musical philosophy: “I believe that the more personal and honest creative expression is, the more universally accessible it is.” The result is a touching assortment of tunes in which Kirtana’s ethereal voice, sensitive lyrics, and understated classical guitar are the focus – each (true to the title) possessing the ability to restore the most injured of spirits."


Factsheet Five #42

"New Age folk music, gentle melodies played on Kirtana’s own classical guitar, fronted by her voice and backed with a mix of strings, pedal steel, mandolin, and more. A gentle spiritualism flows through this release, encouraging harmony with both the earth and other people. “Beautiful” is not too strong a word for most of this music, backed by the strength of conviction."

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