Falling Awake

"Singer/songwriter, Kirtana, sings about the journey she takes. With each successive album she has invited us, song by song, footstep by footstep, to come with her, deeper into this journey which is nothing less than the soul's journey into itself. Her latest CD Falling Awake is a shining jewel in the sequence of such invitations.

Sweet streams wash me down
Pour your grace over me
Lift me up to a higher ground
Where I can see

A Deeper Surrender

"Singer-songwriter Kirtana's A Deeper Surrender is an exquisite paean to the ineffable longing for the Beloved that stirs many a soul searching. Kirtana's songs are like glittering diamonds, offering a multitude of facets that reveal themselves more fully with each listening. Whether it's a taste of sampled pipe organ, as on 'Always Here', or mandolin, as on 'Open Secret', the album seems to offer something new to appreciate, even after many spins. Kirtana's dusky, delicate voice seems hard-wired to her heart.

This Embrace

"A brilliant poet, marvelous songwriter, and lovely guitarist, Kirtana's albums have become more magical with each release. I've called her a Rumi of our time, and if you give yourself a chance to listen carefully to This Embrace, I'm confident you'll see why.

Guest artists joining her on this transcendent album include Alex de Grassi (guitar), Spencer Brewer (piano), Matt Eakle of The David Grisman Quintet (flute) and Dennis Murphy of Acoustic Alchemy (bass). A most special guest is Gangaji, an awakened soul who offers satsang around the world.

The Offering

"The Offering; Epiphanies and Prayer Flags begins with a few relatively upbeat songs then winds down into more prayerful, introspective ballads about our relationship to ourselves, our planet and the cosmos. These messages of hope and healing are tenderly accompanied by cello, flute, keyboards, violin, piano, bass, tabla and percussion.