A Tiny Gem

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A tiny gem on the cosmic hem
of a far flung sky...
Blue and green - crystalline,
like a tear in God's eye.

Lost in space, refusing grace.
How much more can we contract,
and forsake our source before the force
of longing pulls us back.

Planet of choice.
Playground of dreams.
Garden of gods and men.
Maybe it's not as hopeless as it seems.
Maybe this could be a garden again.

From a star-born seed
every species and breed
was planted on this planet that we share.
Regardless of our guise,
a Oneness underlies our differences;
for we breathe the same air.

Every single note of the song God wrote
adds to the harmony when played.
Every form and race ever born can be traced
to the One in whose image we were made.

Planet of choice.
Playground of dreams.
What will it take to see
the common thread behind the seams
of this brightly woven tapestry?

Seeing a need, our spirits agreed
to spiral down into this Earthly plane.
Once in the mire of debt and desire,
we forget who we are and why we came.
But it's time for the veils to lift.
It's time for consciousness to shift.
It's time for a wake-up call
for one and all,
for all is One.

So I send a prayer
floating through the air
that the flag of the universe be flown.
That we open up to grace,
quickening the pace
of ascension to dimensions not yet known.

Can't you feel the eyes
of our comrades in the skies
watching from beneath this starry dome.
The time is now.
We all know how.
And there is no place like home.