The Satguru Song

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My beloved's love,
although it's tender, is so vast and true
that since you've asked her to,
she's not afraid to use a knife --
if that will cut you free
What a gift this ruthless love can be
It makes you want to sing
It ruins everything
you used to call your life

But you can't say she didn't warn you
She warned you from the start
that this Tiger is not tame
and this is not a game
for the weak at heart

My beloved's love
is worth it all, but there's a price to pay
Most people turn away
She leaves it up to you
She's so demanding;
let it be said she'll ask for everything
And that little bit that's left
to which you cling --
she's gonna want that to

In fact there's nothing to be gained here
And you stand to lose your mind
But I say, just pay the fees
and get down on your knees
for a love like that is hard to find

My beloved's love
is like an ocean that will draw you in
You can sink or swim --
but I suggest you drown
And come without your clothes
She always knows when you've got clothes or fins
And if you come up for air,
she's sure to spot you there
and pull you down

And she will crush your sand-like castles,
then find you where you hid
and offer you her hand
like nothing ever happened
And nothing ever did

My beloved's glance is enigmatic;
when it falls on you,
it could mean 'yes' or 'no',
it could mean just hello --
it's a kind of koan
So listen deeply
Don't stir up questions; she won't answer them
She'll make you dance with them
until the cows come home

And forget all your projections;
she will not play the part
And she won't do walks
or quiet little talks,
but she'll camp out in your heart

She's my beloved friend
God knows I love her, but our words are few
I think she loves me to
I have a question though...
What do you give someone
who's taken all you thought were away,
who gives you cause to sing,
who taught you everything that you don't know

Well I'm not sure how to thank her,
but for now it's awfully sweet
to pick up my guitar
and try to sing this love
'cause it's the only way I know to kiss her feet