Right Here, Right Now

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Right Here, Right Now

Sometimes we claim to seek God,
but cling to a concept of grace
so rigidly that we fail to see
what’s staring us right in the face.

Sometimes we pray with our mouth.
I say pray with your ears
and unclench that fist
with your shopping list
And see what’s here–
what’s already here.

Right here,
in the middle of your lap
wrapped without ribbons and bows.
It may not be
what you thought you’d see,
but do you suppose…
if you look a little closer…?

Some people hunger for love,
but the kind of love they can control.
Well, we all want the kiss,
not the vast abyss.
Ah, but love wants
to swallow us whole.

If love is truly your goal,
why would you settle for part?
If you can bear the pain
of love’s terrain
she’ll take you straight to her heart.

Right here, where you already are
with your hurt or your hope
or your fear,
or your broken dream,
as strange as it may seem–
even here,
love will find you here.

Here now,
where you never thought to look
wrapped without ribbons or bows.
It may not be
what you thought you’d see
(It rarely is you know)

What if you open up what is–
this gift your Beloved chose.
It may not look
like the picture in your book,
but do you suppose
if you peek inside….
you might be surprised….?