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This album introduces itself with such a soft and smiling sound... At every turn, poetic lyrics shimmered in my ears, and sometimes touched my heart. Sweet Streams is particularly lovely to me. The themes of this album are transcendent, offering to convey the listener beyond particular theologies into the temple of the heart. This is a truly wonderful and heartfelt musical offering."

Odyssey, Lubbock, TX

"Falling Awake" by musical veteran Kirtana is a refreshing, soul-pacifying collection of easy-listening/new-age tunes. "The Train Song" provides an excellent presentation of Kirtana's heart-felt vocal performances. Her soft, airy, and smooth timbre successfully passes on a mood of tranquility and peace. The piano-driven "Home" urges listeners to look within to find innocence, and to not define their self-worth by the words of another or even their own mood. Kirtana consistently treats listeners to motivational and spiritual lyrics that encourage healing and freedom from pain. Unencumbered production provides a perfect musical atmosphere for these songs, allowing Kirtana's angelic voice and the accompanying instruments to shine in their true beauty. If you enjoy inspirational, spiritual, new age, or easy-listening songs, "Falling Awake" should be at the top of your to-buy list!

Xavier P. for
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Whenever I hear Kirtana sing, I feel as though a warm, jasmine-scented spring wind had begun blowing through my heart. I am so grateful to have been listening to and reviewing her music for nearly 13 years. Each time Kirtana brings out a new album, I am amazed, thinking that she has, once again, jumped straight into the heart of God. Now, with the release of Falling Awake, once again I am delighted to say that Kirtana has created her very best work yet (and that's saying something, given the extraordinary body of work she already has). The music is gorgeous, and her lyrics are transcendently heart-opening. What a gift Kirtana is to this world.

For those of you who have yet to experience the sublime grace of Kirtana's music, let me just say that she is a singer-songwriter of vast spiritual depth. Her voice has the ability to open and caress the most broken of hearts. She plays the guitar and ukulele with unobtrusive excellence, writing songs that delight on every level. Her compositions are filled with such love that I find myself transported, again and again, into a light-filled arena where there is only peace. The musicians who accompany Kirtana play piano, cello, violin, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and some backing vocals with an exquisite artistry that serves to showcase the brilliant jewels of Falling Awake.

Though every single track on Falling Awake is well worth your undivided attention, I want to mention a couple of the songs in particular. "Home" is an honoring song, appreciating those who, in spite of having gone through times of great trauma, are able to shine from their core of unconditional love. Bruce Roscoe's violin especially touches my heart, as it does on "A Peaceful World", perhaps my favorite Kirtana song to date. Her clear-eyed look at the world as it is, with all its suffering and chaos, brings tears every time I hear it. For those wanting devotional music at its most sacred, be sure to treat your heart soon to Falling Awake.

Steve Ryals
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