Purnamadah Purnamidam (2012)

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Purnamadah Purnamidam ( 2012)

Kali Durge namo namah
Kali Durge namo namah
Chitti Kundalini namo namah
Chitti Kundalini namo namah
Kali Durge namo namah

I knelt on a precipice
watching the moonrise
and felt a chill of truth
go through me.
No matter how far I fall,
I’m still in the lap of God;
Only God is coming to me.

And it’s all right–
even in my soul’s dark night.
It’s all right–
I know I’ll find my way
And some day,
I’ll look back on this and say
It was just a dream I had.

Though there are things I’d change
if I could go back in time–
hearts I’d touch
and doors I’d open,
it’s every choice I made
that led me to this place–
the twisted path,
the words unspoken.

But it’s all right–
neither black, nor white.
It’s all right. 
You do the best you can
and let it go.
It’s comforting to know
everything goes back to light.

One light calling–in you, in me.
I am only following
as best I can
from where I am,
the light I see.

Imagine a billion worlds,
born of the one light
each with galaxies in motion–
souls that are surging forth,
souls that are merging back
like rivers to the ocean…

And it’s all right–
birth and death and life.
It’s all right–
we just go on and on, 
on and on.
Purnamadah, purnamidam.
Everything goes back to light.

One light calling  
Ekam, vimalam, achalam  
We are only following….