"Kirtana's music is a pure love transmission. Her lyrics, her voice, and her playing bring me to tears of joy".

"Her songs are Satsang. Her voice expresses the divine wail of the soul for its Beloved and its recognition of how close It is."

- Gangaji

"Kirtana has become one of the most highly sought after modern-day minstrels of non-dual awakening. Her voice and lyrics reach with vulnerable longing for the heart of God, while at the same time transmitting the discovery of that, the opening to that, and the final consummation within it.”

"It's nice sometimes to hear the same teaching in slightly different words expressed again... Listening to (Kirtana music) is a beautiful meditation in itself."

- Eckhart Tolle

"Kirtana's enchanting voice and sublime lyrical poetry will open you to new dimensions of your being in a single song."

- Joyce Vissell, RN,MS and Barry Vissell, MD,
- Authors of The Shared Heart, The Heart's Wisdom,
- and Meant To Be.

"Kirtana's music expressing the inexpressible in the most beautiful way!"

- Deva Premal


"..We were all blessed to bask in Kirtana's sublime musical Satsang. The words of truth, the extraordinary music, and most of all the presence of Grace that we experienced with Kirtana was heart-opening and moving beyond expression. We sat in the presence of the Infinite, reveling in the depth and the mystery of Freedom. I cried tears of joy and gratitude from beginning to end".

- Kevin Billet / The Journey
- Founder: Visionary Leadership program
- Co-author: Consciousness; The New Currency

"When you hear the exquisite poetry of each song, speaking in a language of the heart - but a heart that longs for true revelation, not a temporary, sentimental solution - you will see why Kirtana has been called "The Rumi of our time."

- Amber Terrell
- Author of Surprised by Grace