Light Like Yours

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Like a seed blown to Earth,
divinely conceived, you take birth.
Your gifts are the oceans
and the trees.
And you are theirs.

You walk with gods while angels
flock around your head;
and yet your feet are on the ground.
In time you'll find the gold
is not at some journey's end,
but one of the colors
that surrounds you.

You can scan the dome of night for
portals where heaven's light pours.
And yes, it's bright,
but it's only light like yours -
light like yours.

A light like yours might be
hard for you to see
until it lights up someone else.
Well, look into my eyes
and I'll hold a mirror up,
so you can see it for yourself.

You can sail to distant shores,
chase the light and trace its source,
but don't be surprised
if your journey comes full course
to light like yours.