Let it Out

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There's a child inside of me
fragile as a kite caught on a tree
asking ÒIs it safe to be?Ó
I want to let her out.

Her heart is open wide
and she takes everything inside.
Her habit's been to hide,
but I want to let her out.

I can't tell her
that there is no cause for fear.
But I can tell her:
We're all God's children here.

There's a song inside my soul
rising like a wave I can't control.
Singing makes me whole.
I've got to let it out.

She speaks to me
in whispers and in screams.
She weeps with me
and nourishes my dreams.

And like many artists do,
she paints in every hue -
joy and sorrow too.
I've got to let it out.

There's a miracle in me
greater than the parting of the sea.
It's a miracle to be!
I've got to let it out.