Handiwork of God

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You come like sunlight through a window
to the hallway of my heart.
Grace is illuminating places
that have only known the dark.
I've never been so blessed
to have met someone.
I never would have guessed
that you'd come for me -
I'd lost all faith in the Mystery,
in the handiwork of God.

Oceans, oceans of illusion
can seem difficult to cross.
Weaving from ego-based confusion,
little boats get lost.
But you reach out your hand
and your heart to me.
And I catch a glimpse of land
from a window through
a self-made wall.
And it doesn't seem so far away at all.

Now I know that the way is a way to be -
not a destination or a road.
Now I know what you meant
when you said enlightenment meant
lightening the load, lightening the load.
Letting go of the past and the pain we hold.
Making room for the light to come in.
All we ever need is to be a hollow reed.
God gives us the wind, gives us the wind.

Tears come, as if from a baby,
in a gentle, healing rain.
Lately, I don't know why I cry
but it's the sweetest kind of pain.
When I saw your face, I believed again.
I believed again in grace.
And for once I knew
how great God's love must be;
for God gave you to me.