Flow of Grace

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Flow of Grace

Feelings, states of consciousness
and circumstances change.
Everything that comes to be
will go and leave no trace.
All things shall pass–
all things, alas,
but this
unbroken flow of grace.

May this flow forever be
like a river from the sea.
May I not try to own or reject it,
postpone or redirect it–
but just let it be.

As every actor on my stage
parades before me now,
wearing masks and bearing gifts,
I can’t help thinking of
the Face behind the mirror,
the one who sent them here
in this
unbroken flow of love.

May this flow forever be
with no interference from me.
May I not try
to move or prevent it,
improve or circumvent it,
but just let it be

As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be -
world without end.
As it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be.

This dream of consciousness
can seem to wield such force,
but the River Ganga
is never far behind,
nourishing the thirsty
as she winds along her course,
then ravages
whole villages of mind.

May her Grace forever flow
every place she needs to go.
May I not try
to tame or suppress her,
disclaim or second guess her.

And may I be blessed to see–
forever see–
she is not separate,
she is not separate
from me.