Death by Love

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I will not forget the way
she pinned me to the ground that day
before I even knew the wrestling had begun.
We were in the thick of it
when I felt an arrow hit.
And yes, the impulse came to run,
but by then it was too late;
I could not escape my fate -
death by love.

On that day a door slammed shut.
And some kind of cord got cut -
or a story line of suffering.
I fell into the arms of grace
As she kicked my mind through space -
left it dazed and wondering
how life as I had known it could just end.
I still don't know what happened,
but I highly recommend
death by love.

It's what you've been longing for -
the one desire to which the rest refer.
It's what you've been running from
for it brings the curtain down
on who you thought you were.

And it isn't for the faint of heart.
It can tear your world apart
or put it right side up again.
It can leave your heart exposed
to every kind of wind that blows.
But you're not separate from the wind.

Oh and it could be a painful death and slow...
especially if you resist - but what a way to go...
Death by love.