Blue Sky

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I see you standing on a ledge
surrounded by blue sky.
Life has pushed you to the edge.
And you know it's do or die.
You can freeze that frame
but how long can you stall?
You can glance below
and worry that you'll fall.
Or you can follow spirit
when you hear it call
and risk it all.

You can claim to have no choice.
You can find someone to blame.
You can choose to have no voice;
but you're choosing just the same.
You can play the victim,
but what will you gain?
You can rail at God
until you go insane,
or you can open
to the blessing in the pain
and break the chain.

Take the reins.
Break the chains.

Surely there must be
guardian angels watching over you and me.
And no place where God is not.
But how much are you willing to receive?
It shall be given unto you
according to how you believe.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah.

You can isolate your soul.
You can separate your heart.
You can break off from the whole
and claim to be a part.
You can throw away
the puzzle piece you hold.
You can bury or invest
your piece of gold.
Or you can tell the greatest story
ever told - and let life unfold.

I see you standing on a ledge
surrounded by blue sky.