Blessed Life

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What a blessed life
What a lucky find
The ending of the search
The stopping of my mind
How can I express
The changes taking place
The only words I guess
Would be amazing grace

And I cannot say how
This blessing came to be
I only know that now
An arrow's piercing me
And so you have my heart
And nothing is the same
I am falling into love
Like a moth into a flame

Though others have appeared
In answer to my call
In ignorance and fear
I sabotaged them all
But from you I could not turn
Where I had turned before
My heart would only burn
If I tried to close the door

Maybe on a dare
But by some saving grace
You caught the desperate prayer
I sent hurtling through space
You must have heard that prayer
For through the dream you came
And I am falling into love
Like a moth into a flame

What a lucky heart
Burdened by the weight
Of a love too big to bear
And what a hopeless fate
To be in the tiger's jaws
Having lost the chase
Dying into life
What a deep embrace

What a blessed life