And So

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And So

I wouldn’t underestimate the power
of a tiny, tender impulse
from the heart.
An impulse that’s that small
can rock and soothe us all,
or tear our safe, complacent lives apart.

But I’ve learned to trust
those tiny, tender waves,
despite my fear or habits of defense,
though they lead me, in some cases,
to unexpected places
that at the time,
frankly make no sense...

Like now….
but I’m following through
with this song that wants to come
and give itself to you.

I can’t say that I know
where this dance leads
or why I tug your sleeve
when you let go
or where to put my feet,
but the invitation’s sweet.
And anyway,
I’m willing not to know

Clearly we can’t trust
the world of form
to guard our hearts
or nurture every dream
But we can still trust this,
this flow of grace, this kiss
that moves through us
like currents through a stream.

And so…. I go out on a limb
like a mourning dove at dusk
offering her hymn.

It’s delicate–and dangerous
and beautiful, so beautiful–
and tenuous…

This quivering that’s calling
from within,
but my loyalty is not to me or you,
so my ear is to the ground,
absorbing every sound
between our hearts.
I hope you’re listening too.