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Review of UNSEEN GRACE by One /The Magazine

"Kirtana has become one of the most highly sought after modern-day minstrels of non-dual awakening. Her voice and lyrics reach with vulnerable longing for the heart of God, while at the same time transmitting the discovery of that, the opening to that, and the final consummation within it. Kirtana is a poet and lyricist of non-duality like none other; and Unseen Grace is yet another of her many recommended CDs that supports the intimate realization of eternal love, ever present, as the truth of who we are."

Reviews of A Deeper Surrender

The Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX
by Features Editor: Carol Nuckols September 2002

To live fully in the moment, to surrender to the divine plan when you can't possibly know what it is - these are difficult challenges. It helps to know that someone has gone before. California singer/songwriter Kirtana has, with great caring and insight and devotion.